Core Process Psychotherapy

In Core Process Psychotherapy, we acknowledge a core of inherent health and well-being in everyone. This core gets obscured by the difficulties and suffering we experience as we go through life. Our lives can become organised by running away from our pain because the idea of facing our pain might feel frightening and overwhelming. Strategies that once helped us to survive trauma or suffering earlier in our life, end up causing us suffering the present, or restricting our capacity to enjoy life. And our bodies bear the impact of our experience in patterns of tension, posture, health problems, energy levels and so on.

I offer you an atmosphere of safety, warmth and acceptance in which you can explore whatever is happening for you in the present moment, at a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level. The simple act of bringing awareness to how things are in our body, in this moment, is in itself transformative and is the start of the healing process: we begin to notice how tense we are, how anxious, sad or confused, and also how judgemental we feel about being tense, anxious, sad and confused. With that awareness, we can begin to stop fighting ourselves; we start to accept ourselves with more compassion and to have more choice. We are less ruled by our age-old patterns and habits of relating to ourselves, other people and the world.

We would do all this at your pace, as it is important that we build trust and that you stay resourced.

Core Process Psychotherapy has evolved out of a synthesis of Western psychotherapeutic approaches, Buddhist psychology and mindfulness practice, which has profound insight into the nature of suffering and how to release ourselves from it. But you do not have to be a Buddhist or to know anything about Buddhism to benefit from it.